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Corso Da Vinci

Our Brand

Italy, Florence, 1470. A handsome young man, ambicious and with plenty of inventiveness, had walked on the streets of the city, in the full fervor of the Renaissance. His name was Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most prominent geniuses of humanity.  Corso Da Vinci comes from the awareness of this important heredity, from which we draw every day. Leonardo is part of our identity, the symbol of the creativity that distinguished for centuries the artistic vitality and  the Italian craftsmanship.

Our Mission

Like Leonardo, that with his inventions intended to improve the people’s quality of life, we pursue an ideal: Italian excellence for everyone. Our goal is to offer quality, stylistic research and great fit at affordable prices.

Tradition e consciousness mixed to the careful study of the most current trends allow us to create a well done product, cool and casual, simple but never simplified.

We travel the world

To guarantee an high affordability to our brand we have decided to import our products, the result of meticulous research and planning in Italy, taking part of economic and social development of other Countries. We take care of the finesse of materials and carefully check all stages of production.

A genius in the service of the people

Leonardo Da Vinci was an italian painter, engineer and scientist. He practiced architecture and sculpture, he was a drawer, treatiser, scenographer, anatomist, musician, designer and inventor. He was born April 15th, 1452 in Vinci (Florence), illegitimate child of notary Ser Piero Da Vinci, of wealthy family, and of Caterina, a woman of lower social class. Immediately after his birth his father married a noblewoman, while for his mother they searched an husband that would willingly accept her “compromise” situation.

Leonardo grew up with his father, with whom he settled in Florencein 1469, where started his period of training in the workshop of Verrocchio, that in those years was one of most important of Florence, as well as a breeding ground for new talent. In 1472 Leonardo was already a member of the Painters Company. That’s how Anonimo Gaddiano remember him:

“He was so rare and universal, that you can say he was made by a miracle of nature: which not only of beauty of the body, that it granted him very much, wanted to give him, but of many rare virtues it wanted to make him a masterly.

He really excelled in mathematics and not less in prospective arts, and practise sculpture, and on drawing he surpassed by far all the others. He made beautiful inventions, but didn’t coloured many things, because he was never satisfied, but his works are so precious. He was very eloquent in speech and excelled player of lyre […] and was very capable on design, nor he never had a calm mood, but he always constructed new things with his ingenuity”.